Pelican vs. SpringWell Water Softener: Which is better?

If you’re in the market for a water softener, you might be wondering which type is better: a Pelican or a Spring Well system. Both Pelican and Spring Well offer quality water-softening solutions, but there are some differences between the two that you’ll want to consider before making a purchase.

This article will provide a detailed comparison between the Pelican and Spring Well water softener systems. If you’re considering purchasing a water softener and are interested in learning more about these two options, then you’ll want to keep reading to find out how they stack up against each other.

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Comparison Table: Pelican vs. Spring Well

If you’re in the market for a new water softener system, you may be considering the Pelican and Springwell models. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comparison table of the two products below:

Comparison Table

Pelican Pentair Water Softener


Spring well Water Softener


Water softener





1 million gallons to 10 million gallons


1 million gallons

36 – 120 F

Operating Temperature

36 – 120 F

Stainless steel and Carbon Filter


Premium stainless steel and Carbon Filter

9.00 and 16.00 GPM respectively

Maximum Flow Rate

9.00 GPM


Chlorine Reduction


Lead, Chlorine, Salts, Maganese, and other harmful contaminants

What it Removes

Iron, Sulphur, Chlorine, and Maganese

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Every 6-7 months

Pre-Filter Replacement

Every 6-9 months


The comparison table shows that the Springwell Water Softener has advantages in several key specifications, including a higher chlorine reduction rate, a longer pre-filter replacement interval, and a slightly higher-quality composition.

Both systems are salt-less, have similar operating temperatures and warranties, and require regular maintenance.

Overall, the Springwell Water Softener may be a better choice for those looking to remove iron, sulfur, chlorine, and manganese from their water.

Why Springwell Water Softener is the best choice for your home

Why Springwell Water Softener is the best choice for your home

Springwell Water Softener has several advantages over the Pelican Water Softener, which can make it a better choice for some people.

  • Higher chlorine reduction:

Higher chlorine reduction rate of 99.6%, compared to Pelican’s 97%, means that Springwell can remove more chlorine from the water and produce cleaner and safer drinking water.

  • Longer pre-filter replacement:

The pre-filter replacement interval for Springwell Water Softener is longer, every 6-9 months, compared to Pelican’s 6-7 months. It means less maintenance for Springwell.

  • Better composition:

The composition of the Springwell Water Softener is slightly better, with premium stainless steel and carbon filter, compared to Pelican’s stainless steel and carbon filter. It can ensure a higher quality filtration process.

Overall, both systems are salt-less, have similar operating temperatures and warranties, and require regular maintenance. However, based on the specifications, the Springwell Water Softener may be a better option for those looking to remove iron, sulfur, chlorine, and manganese from their water.

Overview: Pelican vs. SpringWell Water Softener

Overview Pelican vs. SpringWell Water Softener

Springwell and Pelican are well-known brands of water softeners that have gained popularity in recent years because of their salt-free filters. The Springwell Futuresoft filter is a single-tank system, while the Pelican Natursoft filter is available in both single and dual tank options.

These water softeners use carbon filtration technology, which is highly effective in removing contaminants from water. The carbon filters are enclosed in a durable stainless steel casing that protects them from damage and ensures they function properly.

One of the standout features of these water softeners is their longevity. The Springwell filter can last up to 1 million gallons of water, making it a cost-effective option for homeowners. Meanwhile, the Pelican filter requires no replacement for 15-20 years, which translates to a lifetime warranty for the consumer.

Investing in a water softener is a wise decision for homeowners who want to ensure the purity and safety of their drinking water. Both the Springwell and Pelican water softeners are excellent options that offer top-notch filtration capabilities, durability, and a lifetime warranty.

Which is the Better Investment? Springwell vs Pelican Water Softener

Which is the Better Investment Springwell vs Pelican Water Softener

Comparing products before making a purchase is always a wise decision, and in the case of water softeners, it becomes crucial as it is an investment that will impact your household’s water quality and your wallet in the long run. Therefore, considering the comparison between Springwell and Pelican Water Softener will help you make an informed decision and choose the better investment.


Buying Factor


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Customer service

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Shipping and Delivery

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Post sale support

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Based on the comparison table, SpringWell seems to be the winner in terms of several buying factors, such as warranty, sales, price, customer service, shipping and delivery, and customer reviews. However, it ultimately depends on the individual’s specific needs and preferences when choosing between Pelican and SpringWell water softeners.

Feature Comparison: Pelican vs SpringWell

Feature Comparison Pelican vs SpringWell

When deciding on a water softener, it’s important to compare the features of different brands. In this subtopic, we will compare the features of SpringWell and Pelican to help you make an informed decision.


Buying Factor


Offers 5 stage filtration

No. of Stages

Offers 4 stage filtration

Rated 9/10 in hard water treatment

Hard Water Treatment

Rated 9/10 in hard water treatment

Offers sediment and carbon stages

Whole-house filtration

Offers sediment and carbon stages

Offers the most popular salt-free water softener

Water softening

Offers highly-rated salt-based or salt-free systems that are great for very hard water

Offers iron stage as a separate unit

Iron removal

Includes dedicated iron stage for all well water systems

Suitable for 1-6 bathrooms

No. of Bathrooms

Suitable for 1-7+ bathrooms

Provides some lead protection via carbon tanks

Lead removal

Offers dedicated lead and cyst filter option

Rated 9/10 in maintenance


Rated 9/10 in maintenance

No electricity required

Electricity Required

No electricity required

Does not offer free installation


Offers free installation

Offers 10-15 GPM

Gallons per minute (GPM)

Offers 9-20 GPM

UV purifier and iron filter available separately

Well water contaminants

Offers full, single system protection including UV purifier and iron filter stage

Owned by Pentair


Operated by Wise Water Solution LLC

Offers dedicated fluoride filter

Fluoride removal

Does not have a specific fluoride option

Includes a brine tank salt level sensor

Remote tech

Uses Bluetooth tank heads

Does not offer support due to acquisition by Pentair

Customer Service

Offers good customer support

Based on the comparison table above, the overall winner between SpringWell and Pelican would be SpringWell because it has won in more categories. However, there are also some categories where the two brands are tied. It is important to consider one’s specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two.

Pelican vs. SpringWell: How Does it Work?

Both Springwell and Pelican water filtration systems use carbon filters to remove salts and contaminants, except for calcium and magnesium.

Both systems utilize a technique called ‘Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC),’ in which magnesium and calcium salts are crystallized instead of being filtered.

Springwell uses a softener called ‘FutureSoft,’ which contains tiny beads that interact with the components and solvents in water and micro-crystallize them. The crystallized particles sink to the bottom and get separated from the water.

Pelican uses a softener called ‘NaturSoft,’ which has a similar function to Springwell’s ‘FutureSoft’ system. However, not much information is available about its filtration system.

Springwell can remove 99% of impurities from water, while Pelican can remove 99.6% of these contaminants.

Springwell’s filter can hold up to 1 million gallons of water, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. In comparison, Pelican’s filter requires an entire replacement after 15 years, and the carbon sediment filter needs to be renewed every 5 years.

Pros & Cons: Pelican vs. SpringWell Water Softener

Knowing the pros and cons of Springwell vs. Pelican water softeners is crucial to making an informed purchase decision. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each system helps determine the best fit for specific needs, considering factors such as water quality, household size, and budget, ensuring the best value for money.





·         Available in various sizes.            

·         Largest model can hold up to 10 million gallons of water.             

·         Does not require electricity.       

·         Equipped with a carbon sediment filter.               

·         Backed by a lifetime warranty.  

·         Utilizes TAC-like technology.

·         No identified cons.





·         Utilizes TAC (Template-Assisted Crystallization) technique.

·         Comes with a lifetime warranty.

·         Has a high capacity of up to 10 million gallons of water.

·         Neutralizes calcium and magnesium instead of completely removing them.

·         Offers a more affordable price compared to Pelican.

·         Doesn’t require electricity for operation.

·         Does not remove all types of contaminants.

·         More expensive than other types of filters.

·         Limited variation in sizes.

·         Installation can be complicated.

Consider specific needs and preferences when choosing between Springwell and Pelican water softeners. Springwell has an affordable price, TAC-like technology, and no electricity requirement. Pelican has a high capacity, a carbon sediment filter, and uses the TAC technique.

However, Springwell may not remove all contaminants and has limited sizes while Pelican may be more expensive than other filters. Water quality, household size, and budget are important factors to consider when making a choice.

Size Matters: A Closer Look at Springwell vs Pelican Water Softeners

Springwell water filtration system is available in a single size that can cater to 1-3 bathrooms or spaces with a maximum flow rate of 9 gallons per minute.

In contrast, Pelican water softeners are available in two sizes: the larger one is suitable for almost 4-6 bathrooms/spaces and has a maximum flow rate of 16 gallons per minute, while the smaller one can accommodate only 1-3 bathrooms with a water flow rate of 9 gallons per minute.

Moreover, unlike Springwell, Pelican water softener is a whole-house filter.

Reasons why the Size of the Filter Matter:

  • The filter size affects water capacity and replacement intervals
  • The filter size also affects the flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM)
  • For small spaces like 1 to 2 bathrooms, a small-sized filter is sufficient
  • For whole-house filtration, a larger filter with a flow rate of at least 16GPM is recommended.

A Comparison of Maintenance and Lifespan between Springwell and Pelican


Maintenance and Filter Lifespan



Type of Water Softener


Carbon sediment filter needs to be changed every 5 years, entire system needs to be replaced after 15 years


Pre-filters need to be changed every 6-9 months

Lifetime warranty, entire system needs to be replaced after 15 years, carbon sediment filter needs to be replaced every 5 years

Filter Lifespan

Lifetime warranty, capable of storing 1 million gallons of water, free replacement and repair service if damage is covered by warranty guidelines

Installation Process of Pelican and Springwell Water Softeners

Installation Process

Pelican Water Softener

Springwell Water Softener

DIY Installation



Professional Installation



Installation Difficulty

Moderate to Difficult

Easy to Moderate

Required Plumbing Skills

Intermediate to Advanced

Basic to Intermediate

Time Required for Installation

2-4 hours

1-3 hours

Installation Instructions

Included in the package

Included in the package

The table summarizes the installation process of Pelican and Springwell water softeners. Both brands offer DIY and professional installation options, with moderate to difficult installation difficulty for Pelican and easy to moderate difficulty for Springwell.

Required plumbing skills are intermediate to advanced for Pelican and basic to intermediate for Springwell, with installation times ranging from 1-3 hours for Springwell and 2-4 hours for Pelican. Both brands include installation instructions in the package.

Are TAC systems any effective?

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Hard Water: Is it Harmful?

As water percolates through limestone, chalk, or gypsum deposits, it forms hard water, which is primarily made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.


Effects of Hard Water


Long-term consumption can cause kidney dysfunction, especially in children and elderly people.

Skin and Hair

Can make skin and scalp dry, leading to eczema and dandruff problems.

Household Problems

Cannot enjoy soap lather or bath foams, clogs hot pipes, causes difficulty in cleaning dishes and surfaces, rapid rusting of steel-made objects.

Environmental Impact

When drained, hard water can harm sea life by forming a suffocating layer over the surface of the water and blocking their path of sunlight. It can also cause breathing problems for the sea life underneath.

From the table above, we can conclude that hard water can cause a variety of problems, including kidney dysfunction, dry skin and scalp, clogged pipes, and difficulty cleaning surfaces.

 It can also lead to rusting of steel objects and harm sea life. Therefore, it is essential to address hard water issues to avoid these potential problems.



How to Identify Hard Water?

·         Hard water looks similar to drinkable water and cannot be identified by appearance alone.

·         To identify hard water, use soap.

·         If it produces little to no lather, it is hard water.The amount of lather foam determines the level of contamination in the water.

Treatment for Hard Water

·         Hard water can be treated with a water softener.

·         Two popular water softeners in the market are Springwell and Pelican.

·         Both brands are known for their high-quality and productivity.

Comparison of Springwell vs Pelican Water Softener

·         An article provides a detailed comparison of the two water softeners.

·         This guide will help you choose the best water softener for your needs.

Perspective of Both Companies

·         The article includes the perspective of both Springwell and Pelican companies.

Evaluating the Customer Support of Pelican and Springwell Water Softeners

Pelican and Springwell are two well-known brands in the water softener industry, offering high-quality products to consumers. In addition to the quality of their products, customer support is an essential factor to consider when choosing a water softener. This article will compare and evaluate the customer support of Pelican and Springwell water softeners.

Comparison table:






Monday to Friday 8am-5pm EST

Support channels

Phone, email, chat

Phone, email, chat

Response time

Within 24 hours

Within 24 hours

Technical support






Satisfaction guarantee

90-day money-back

90-day money-back

Closing remarks

Before buying, consider factors such as price, features, and customer reviews when choosing between Pelican and Springwell water softeners.

There’s no doubt Pelican’s eco-friendly and salt-free technology is preferred over Springwell’s efficient softening abilities and user-friendly installation. Both brands have exceptional warranties.

You should evaluate your needs and budget carefully before buying a water softener. With research and consideration, you can pick the perfect water softener for you.

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